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"I am so honored that my mother was the first-ever human patient to receive the IsoFlow catheter. The IsoFlow technology represents new hope for the many, many people that are battling cancer."
- David Martin,
son of Joan Martin

"In select clinical situations, the benefits of delivering a local endovascular drug dose without systemic exposure can reduce complications, improve results, and benefit patients. The IsoFlow catheter facilitates the use of regional infusion therapies, especially in cases of challenging arterial anatomy where it helps achieve these promises of targeted delivery. IsoFlow is a valuable addition to our treatment arsenal."
- Dr. Michael Dake
Former Chief of Interventional Radiology & Current Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Stanford University School of Medicine - Palo Alto, California

Vascular Designs' IsoFlow™ infusion catheter is a new treatment option for people suffering from life-threatening illnesses like cancer.

IsoFlow enables direct delivery of medications, such as chemotherapy, into highly targeted areas, which can help physicians increase drug concentrations while at the same time, reduce systemic exposure. Treatment with the IsoFlow catheter is unique because:
  • It can be performed as an outpatient procedure
  • It takes only about an hour
  • Nothing is permanently implanted

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